Sunday, February 15, 2009

This is my first post

Ms. Klein here. I am testing out the world of blogging to see how I can get my students involved. I want them to pick a particular issue that is important to them and blog about it.



    I picked this one because its just good to see how someone that went through the same thing i am going through and how its going for him so far. This is about teen pregnancy..
    not only pregnancy but other stuff that teens just talk about on daily basis.

  2. I cam upon this blog...

    They really know what pictures to pick.
    This is about how the federal government has no idea what to do with this new money they just threw onto the states. The states are just trying to figure out how to spent this money. Money, money, money... we're dying for some but when we have it we're clueless.

  3. ms. klein
    my link is